Beaver Brook

Located in West Worcester, Beaver Brook is known for its distinct character and unique diversity. Many of the homes in this neighborhood are somewhat historic, having been built before 1939. In fact, some homes were built much earlier than 1939! Real estate in this urban neighborhood is mainly made up of medium-sized (three or four bedrooms) to small-sized (studio to two bedrooms) apartments and single-family homes. Beaver Brook also features beautiful three-deckers, duplexes and old Victorian homes. Residents are both owners and renters. The median real estate price in Beaver Brook is $218,402 and the average rental price is $854.

There are a lot of rental opportunities in Beaver Brook. The neighborhood has many two, three and four bedroom spacious apartment buildings. Rental opportunities are also found in some of its gorgeous old homes, particularly in Victorian- or colonial-style houses that have been cut up into apartments. These historic homes make for beautiful neighborhood scenery.

Beaver Brook is filled with eclectic dining opportunities. On June Street, there are several restaurant options such as Le Mirage, Lucky Gourmet, The Breakfast Bar, Jason's Pizza and more. All of these local eateries come highly recommended by Beaver Brook neighbors.

One of the best perks of living in Beaver Brook is Beaver Brook Park. Beaver Brook Park is one of Worcester's biggest parks. It is located on Chandler Street, just across from Foley Stadium, and is home to both the Worcester Vikings football program and Ted Williams' Little League. The newly renovated park also has an inline skating rink and paved walking paths with pedestrian lighting.

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