Bell Hill in Worcester, Massachusetts

There are a lot of beautiful homes that are available for rent and sale within the Ben Hill area of Worcester, Massachusetts. There are also a lot of condos that will offer anyone a wonderful home and neighborhood to put down roots in. The neighborhood has a low crime rate, and it is a community of beautiful landscaped lawns and yards that provide a picturesque portrait no matter how much time someone spends in the area. A lot of the condos within Ben Hill can house multiple couples. They have anywhere from six to nine bedrooms available in a single condo house, and on average, they have anywhere from two to three bathrooms available within them.

However, if you are more interested in a single condo, there are a few of these available as well. Some of them offer their owners up to four bedrooms and up to two bathrooms. The Ben Hill condo community has access to some of the best public schools in the state of Massachusetts, but there are also four private schools and one Catholic school available for those in this area, as well. Most of these schools are within a two or three mile radius of most of the residential homes and condos in this community.

The Ben Hill community is also considered to be a pet-friendly community. There are a variety of different parks and outdoor recreations that are available for you to enjoy, and this community offers their residents a safe and walkable feel that allows them to always enjoy the time that they have with their friends and guests. Residents can also take advantage of the nearby public transportation options if they wish, and there are a variety of restaurants and shopping opportunities to take advantage of in this area, as well.

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