Chatham Place in Worcester, Massachusetts

Chatham Place Condos provide a lot of different options for people to consider, and they are designed with a ranch architecture that is to die for. They are close to downtown Worcester, Massachusetts, and they are generally around two bedrooms. This makes these condos a wonderful place for couples who are looking to purchase a new home or for young professionals who are looking to purchase their first home. Chatham Place Condos have large spacious rooms available, and for people who enjoy cooking, they also have large kitchens that making cooking large or small meals an absolute delight.

On average, these condo homes provide high ceilings, which provide better air circulation throughout the entire condo, and most of them come with hardwood floors that give them a traditional and beautifully designed look. These condos are three stories, which include a basement where one can hook up their washer and dryer. Chatham Place Condos were built back in 1900, but they have been kept up and renovated to provide the owners with great support and excellent living conditions.

The local public schools that educate those in this area are all within a one mile radius of Chatham Place. Residents of Chatham Place condos will also not be far from a number of restaurants, grocery stores, banks, and gas stations that make life in the area all the more easy. A lot of people who live in Chatham Place work or go to school in other parts of Worcester or even other cities. Chatham Place offers great public transportation options for those that do not have access to their own personal vehicle, but it is also close to a number of routes that are easily accessible for commutes to take advantage of. For those who enjoy being outside, Chatham Place is also near Institute Park, which provides a lot of different biking and running paths, and luscious green lawns to play on.

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