Elizabeth Street School House in Worcester, Massachusetts

The Elizabeth Street School House was built back in 1893, and it is located in the city of Worcester, Massachusetts. This building can be found on the beautiful Elizabeth Street, and on average, the condos within the building have two bedrooms and two bathrooms. A condo of this size is around 1,389 square feet, and it provides a lot of features and amenities that put them as one of the best condo communities in the city. Unlike some of the other condo communities in the area, the condos in the Elizabeth Street School House have central air conditioning, and they have a laundry room within the unit. This makes doing laundry a lot more convenient than the communities that do not have this feature.

Depending on the room within the condo, some of them have carpet, hardwood flooring, linoleum or tile. They have vaulted ceilings, and they are all cable ready. Every condo unit has an intercom within it which provides the residents with controlled access to the building and their unit. In order to provide better air floor throughout the condo units, a lot of the rooms have beautifully detailed ceiling fans within them. For people who enjoy large and spacious walk in closets, the condos at the Elizabeth Street House provide this and beautiful master bathrooms.

Within the kitchens of these condos, one will find a variety of different appliances that come included. For instance, most of the kitchens have dishwashers, garbage disposals, microwaves, and refrigerators. There are a few public schools available in this area, and they are all within less than a two mile radius from the condo community. All of these schools also have a high standard of education and staff. For people who have to commute for work or school, this condo community is a great choice. It has easy access to 290, and it is very close to the beautiful Green Hill Park.

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Property: Elizabeth Street School House

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